In a post-pandemic world, we’re far more technology-oriented than before. Subsequently, profound job losses will incur, thanks to artificial intelligence. Are we ready for it?

As much as the idea of having an online graduation ceremony for the graduates of 2020 seems worthy enough of mocking, how about we convert the mockery to condolences? Keeping in mind that there’s no world left to do a job in for them anymore? The poor souls graduating this year will have to stand out in the most concentrated job markets. Also, when they will enter the market at first, their degree would have reached its obsolescence. And it doesn’t sound surprising enough.

Jobs in a technology-oriented world

In a post-pandemic era, we can not help but observe how most of our operations have transitioned to online handling and supervision, and how we have grown comfortable with it. While millennials clearly have greater acumen of adapting to technological circumstances, the older generations have struggled in adjusting with it. Regardless, almost half of the world is technology-literate. Upon interaction with spreadsheets, cloud storage, videoconferencing etc., they’re willing to welcome new technology with open arms. And definitely, the most anticipated one is the advent of 5G, and the robot-like cool stuff, otherwise known as Artificial Intelligence. Is it worth costing jobs for?

Great expectations?

Now that businesses are aware of what they really require from their workers post-pandemic, they will realize that their “expectations” will have to be more than extra-curriculars and perfect SAT scores. When all this time our peers emphasized on taking computer science seriously, we yawned away. Job-hiring personnel will expect you to stand out and bring the skill-set to the table that will make their operations easy. If, for instance, 2 pesky graphs on spreadsheet would depict your company’s product demand, supported by a 12-page manual comprising of their interpretation, the same will be replaced with one person accurately telling you what the market demands, in 3 lines.

Artificial Intelligence is here to take your job away from you

Artificial intelligence is a pot of gold no company in this era would want to miss out on. And that is exactly what MicKinsey Global Institute’s report has to tell us from their two-year-long research. AI will catalyze the productivity and economic growth umpteen times than before, and the workforce will bear its consequences in the worse manner imaginable. According to their study,

Seventy-five million to 375 million may need to switch occupational categories and learn new skills”.

Essentially speaking, this puts a lot of pressure on our educational institutions too to emphasize their curriculum on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is because the more the technology progresses, the more will firms want their operations to be easier to execute. Plus, e-operations have benefited firms with regards to extra costs that were otherwise inevitable.

With all of this aside, the estimates of lay-off figures will surely lead towards a rebellion of workers who don’t have the space to learn all of these skills too. And if these skills are made accessible to them, over-employment will ensue.

To conclude, college students need to contemplate on their future plans with regards to the dynamics of the job market. They need to strive towards expanding their skills portfolio enough to help them score better jobs in the coming future. It will be a brutal battle, but it is worth staying for.

By Aimen Mubeen.

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